Feeling Blue

Today was a dye day. A perfect day for it actually. It’s grey and snowing outside, so it’s been nice staying inside with the hot stove going. I’m getting ready to start on a new tapestry soon, and am just putting all my yarns in order. Finally, I’ll be weaving with colours other than red, pink and flesh!


Pictures from the ArtaWEARness XI shoot! The photographer, Alexsis, did an awesome job!
This series of garments was made from fabric which I hand-dyed with rust and various natural dyes. This work explores repetition and accumulation, growth and decay.




Britny, Dana, and myself

Photos: Alexsis Lee
Models: Dana, Britny, and myself
Hair: Stefanie Wong


To Dye For

The last couple of weeks I’ve been getting things ready to start weaving my next tapestry. That means dyeing! I purchased fine merino wool and wool/silk from Jane Stafford Textiles, and dyed the fiber with acid dyes to make 16 different shades of red.

Soaking the wool and preparing the jars for dye


Dye jars cooling after dyeing process is finished

Dyed skeins drying