New Work!

So, I’ve been away from this blog for awhile, but I’ve still been making artwork! My life has taken a turn, and I’ve been living in a small town in Germany for the past 3 months attending a Marriage of the Arts school. It’s been an awesome adventure so far! Here is some of the work I’ve made, which was shown at the Object Conference on human trafficking in Hamburg, Germany. My apologies for the poor image quality…

fragmentsFragments of Hope – watercolour, ink and pencil on paper

A Valentine for You

Pens down…books closed


Finally finished The Sketchbook Project! Things I learned:

1. I like to make more work for myself (i.e. sign-up for something that sounded like a good idea at the time, only to realize there’s more important things to be working on, but finish at the last minute because not finishing would mean failure)

2. There’s always a way to justify buying new art supplies! Now I am the proud owner of blue and sepia Prismacolor fine liners.

3. When there’s a will, there’s a way. When you make something a priority, it gets done! Which reminds me that I think I’m overdue for a re-evaluation of my priorities…


Here’s a few pics of my finished sketchbook. Hope you enjoy! Now, I’m off to the post office to get this thing shipped away and out of my mind.


I’m pretty excited for my upcoming collaborative show with Lindsay Joy. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on a drawing for part of the show. It’s nice to take a break from weaving, and work on tiny, detailed drawings instead. It is quite satisfying.