So, it’s been a while since I’ve last posted. And it’s also been a while since I’ve made anything creative other than friendship bracelets and banana chocolate chip muffins. After finishing up my 3 month stint at Art Central, I lost most of my motivation to make anything. I’m not really sure what’s caused this. Maybe feeling burned out after rushing to get my tapestry done, or anticipating moving house later this summer. Whatever the cause, it would really be nice to have my motivation back. I’ve decided that I need to just start something new, and hope that the joy in making will come later. Tonight I’m starting on a painting I’ve envisioned for a while. Meanwhile, here are a couple pics of the last of my Art Central tapestry project. Still need to do the final finishing…



Art Central so far


Feeling Blue

Today was a dye day. A perfect day for it actually. It’s grey and snowing outside, so it’s been nice staying inside with the hot stove going. I’m getting ready to start on a new tapestry soon, and am just putting all my yarns in order. Finally, I’ll be weaving with colours other than red, pink and flesh!

My week of crazy

commission in progress

Sigh…this past week and a bit has been a whirlwind to say the least. First, I secured a commission for a friend. Got started on it right away, and realized I’d forgotten how much I love painting. Then, I found out I could finally move into my Art Central studio space, which I received as a scholarship prize before graduating from ACAD. Last Monday, I moved my loom into the studio, and in the evening had an excellent time at CF. Tuesday, Lindsay and I began installing our show at UAS. Wednesday, we (mostly) finished the install.

my Art Central studio

Thursday, I took a break from all things art. It was a day to breathe, which was highly needed as the day started off by waking up from an intense anxiety dream, then finding out Lindsay wouldn’t be able to make it to our opening reception. Friday, I baked most of the day, made a few final signs for our show, then headed off to the reception. While I enjoyed this week – the thrill of making art and actually feeling like an artist – I’m glad it’s over. Why does everything always seem to happen on the same week?

If you didn’t make it to the reception, our show runs until Mar. 1 at Untitled Art Society – 343 11th ave SW, Calgary, AB.

installing after hours

painting time

a little look at our show

"pill" cups at the reception

Pens down…books closed


Finally finished The Sketchbook Project! Things I learned:

1. I like to make more work for myself (i.e. sign-up for something that sounded like a good idea at the time, only to realize there’s more important things to be working on, but finish at the last minute because not finishing would mean failure)

2. There’s always a way to justify buying new art supplies! Now I am the proud owner of blue and sepia Prismacolor fine liners.

3. When there’s a will, there’s a way. When you make something a priority, it gets done! Which reminds me that I think I’m overdue for a re-evaluation of my priorities…


Here’s a few pics of my finished sketchbook. Hope you enjoy! Now, I’m off to the post office to get this thing shipped away and out of my mind.

Finishing touches…hopefully

Just a couple weeks until Lindsay and I install our show. It’s come quickly. I think we’re on schedule, although when I told this to Lindsay she gave me a look that seemed to say she didn’t agree. But, I honestly think this show is coming together well, and has induced less panic & stress compared to shows in the past (hopefully that doesn’t change in the next couple of weeks).

Opening reception is Feb. 10 starting @ 7pm. Check out the facebook event for details.

painting the last of our chairs

paint! brush!

active waiting

Lindsay and I have been at work for our show again. With Christmas and New Years coming up, it will be happening in no time. Check out Lindsay’s post about our recent progress.


I’m pretty excited for my upcoming collaborative show with Lindsay Joy. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on a drawing for part of the show. It’s nice to take a break from weaving, and work on tiny, detailed drawings instead. It is quite satisfying.


The last few weeks I haven’t gotten around to much weaving. I had been waiting for the postal strike to end so that I could get the yarns and dyes I ordered. Meanwhile, my tapestry was neglected.

Thankfully, the strike is over! A couple days ago I received my yarns, and yesterday I received my acid dyes, safely nestled in small brown box. Today I was busy mixing up some stock solution, and winding skeins of wool. Hopefully, I’ll get to dyeing soon, and back to tapestry-ing.

Process: It’s Off!

The weaving is done! It’s cut off the loom! Now I have several hours of finishing left to do. In some ways it feels anticlimatic when you cut a tapestry off the loom. After spending so long weaving, you get to see it for the first time on its own, only to realize it’s smaller than you had imagined, and that there’s still more work to do! Nonetheless, I’m getting close!

Now, I need to get going on the needlelace…

And, hopefully, when it’s all put together it will look something like this…