A Valentine for You

My week of crazy

commission in progress

Sigh…this past week and a bit has been a whirlwind to say the least. First, I secured a commission for a friend. Got started on it right away, and realized I’d forgotten how much I love painting. Then, I found out I could finally move into my Art Central studio space, which I received as a scholarship prize before graduating from ACAD. Last Monday, I moved my loom into the studio, and in the evening had an excellent time at CF. Tuesday, Lindsay and I began installing our show at UAS. Wednesday, we (mostly) finished the install.

my Art Central studio

Thursday, I took a break from all things art. It was a day to breathe, which was highly needed as the day started off by waking up from an intense anxiety dream, then finding out Lindsay wouldn’t be able to make it to our opening reception. Friday, I baked most of the day, made a few final signs for our show, then headed off to the reception. While I enjoyed this week – the thrill of making art and actually feeling like an artist – I’m glad it’s over. Why does everything always seem to happen on the same week?

If you didn’t make it to the reception, our show runs until Mar. 1 at Untitled Art Society – 343 11th ave SW, Calgary, AB.

installing after hours

painting time

a little look at our show

"pill" cups at the reception

Graduation Day!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. The last few weeks have been a countdown to graduation. I was busy finishing the convocation shawl for ACAD’s president, Dr. Doz; putting the finishing touches on my grad show work; organizing the massive pile of stuff that was emptied from my studio at school; and sewing up a dress to wear to the grad show. Well, it’s all said and done now, and graduation day has already come and gone. It’s hard to believe that my four years of ACAD are in the past.

Above: The finished shawl! Woven with bamboo and silk, hand-dyed habotai silk, embroidered details.

I was a little uncertain about how I was going to install my work for the show. I did a little trial run in the entrance to my place, hanging it up with packing tape and several strings. But, it worked out. I got the space I had requested, and the trial run helped make the installation go pretty smooth.

Above: Circumintervention, woven tapestry with hand-dyed needlepoint lace, cart, equipment, 2011

ACAD’s grad show is on until May 28.

It’s done…and I’m still recovering!

photo by Britny Samuelson

ArtaWEARness XI was a great success! This year’s coordinator, Katie Kimber, did an excellent job of putting together a fantastic show, and each of the 15 artists and their performers did great on the runway! It was lots of fun, and I had a great time with my two lovely models, Britny and Dana. Now that it’s done and a week behind me, life is beginning to return to normal, although I feel like I am suffering from post-ArtaWEARness syndrome. Sleep has never felt so good, and I’m having to force myself into the studio to catch up on everything that had been put on hold.

Show Time!

ArtaWEARness XI is less than a week away! Tickets are now on sale in the ACADSA office or down at the Eleven:Eleven Boutique in Kensington. Also, check out the sneak-peek show on at the Resolution Gallery, and the silent auction fundraiser in the Marion Nicoll Gallery.

Us Now?

What better thing can you do on a Friday night except watch a documentary, and attempt to become a more informed citizen of the world?

Us Now? explores the current conditions of our world.
Only three screenings left:

Feb. 4-Blue Gold:Water Wars
Feb. 11-H2Oil

All screenings start at 5:30pm in the Stanford Perrot Lecture Theatre @ the Alberta College of Art + Design. Thanks to the organizers, Lewis Liski and Kris Weinmann.