New Work!

So, I’ve been away from this blog for awhile, but I’ve still been making artwork! My life has taken a turn, and I’ve been living in a small town in Germany for the past 3 months attending a Marriage of the Arts school. It’s been an awesome adventure so far! Here is some of the work I’ve made, which was shown at the Object Conference on human trafficking in Hamburg, Germany. My apologies for the poor image quality…

fragmentsFragments of Hope – watercolour, ink and pencil on paper


Pictures from the ArtaWEARness XI shoot! The photographer, Alexsis, did an awesome job!
This series of garments was made from fabric which I hand-dyed with rust and various natural dyes. This work explores repetition and accumulation, growth and decay.




Britny, Dana, and myself

Photos: Alexsis Lee
Models: Dana, Britny, and myself
Hair: Stefanie Wong