Finishing Well – Pt. 2

The second unfinished project I’ve successfully finished is a little felt sculpture I started during a workshop with Marjolein Dallinga of Bloomfelt. The workshop was during an extra-busy time of school, so after the workshop was done, I never got around to finishing the work because I needed to focus on finishing school. My sister helped get me motivated to finish this one. She asked if she could cut some of the circles, and after watching her for a couple minutes, I wanted to finish it myself.

2 Comments on “Finishing Well – Pt. 2”

  1. solange melange says:

    That came out so pretty. Could you please tell me what kind of thread was used to tie the resist. I appreciate it.

    • melissagreen says:

      Thanks Solange! It was a long time ago that I made this, but if I remember correctly it was an upholstery thread which is thicker and allows you to pull the resist really tight without breaking.

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