Another new process!

On Thursday my Experimental Ceramics class tried out some china painting. I started not really knowing what I was going to do, and ended up spending all day painting this small little soy sauce container. I think I may have found another new hobby…but I’ll see once it’s fired whether or not it turns out.

The Jacquard Show

Last week, as a part of Fibre Fortnight, we had a show of our Jacquard weavings in conjunction with a Jewellery + Metals show in Gallery 371. The weavings were designed last year by the students of the Intermediate Weaving class when our visiting artist Louise Lemieux-Berube gave a workshop on designing for the Jacquard loom. Our Photoshop designs were then sent to the Centre for Contemporary Textiles in Montreal to be woven.

These weavings represent a first exploration of the possibilities in working with the Jacquard design process.
Here are some photos courtesy of Mackenzie Frere. My work is the diptych of my great grandmother’s face and hands. I went into the Jacquard with some acid dyes to see how colour could work with the black and white image.

Process: An hour’s worth of work

Sometimes people ask me how long it takes to weave a tapestry. Most of the time it’s hard to give an answer. I have a vague sense of how long it takes, but usually lose track of the number of hours I spend on a weaving. Some areas take longer than others, so it’s hard to know how much can be done in a certain amount of time. Here I’ve documented an hour’s worth of work. The first picture is where I was at when I sat down to weave, and the second when I stopped after weaving for an hour. I’m almost at the centre of the circle!




Pictures from the ArtaWEARness XI shoot! The photographer, Alexsis, did an awesome job!
This series of garments was made from fabric which I hand-dyed with rust and various natural dyes. This work explores repetition and accumulation, growth and decay.




Britny, Dana, and myself

Photos: Alexsis Lee
Models: Dana, Britny, and myself
Hair: Stefanie Wong


Process: Inch by Inch

My tapestry is coming along…but there is still a long way to go!

Weaver’s Bottom, Potter’s Wrist

After doing some wheel throwing in my ceramics class on Thursday, my arms –  from shoulders to fingertips – were aching with a dull pain. Earlier in the week I was experiencing sore hamstrings from tapestry weaving. As I do whenever I experience such symptoms, I did some googling and discovered the term Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Some of the pages I found relating to textile processes and RSI were kind of amusing; however, I know it’s not funny when you’re in pain from doing something you love.

Knitting safety
“How to beat aches and pains if you love to basket weave”

It’s done…and I’m still recovering!

photo by Britny Samuelson

ArtaWEARness XI was a great success! This year’s coordinator, Katie Kimber, did an excellent job of putting together a fantastic show, and each of the 15 artists and their performers did great on the runway! It was lots of fun, and I had a great time with my two lovely models, Britny and Dana. Now that it’s done and a week behind me, life is beginning to return to normal, although I feel like I am suffering from post-ArtaWEARness syndrome. Sleep has never felt so good, and I’m having to force myself into the studio to catch up on everything that had been put on hold.

ArtaWEARness on Global

Yesterday Gil Tucker from Global TV was at ACAD to interview a few of the artists from ArtaWEARness XI. Check out the video here!


Overdue: Documentation in the Expanded Field

The show is now up! Take a walk around ACAD’s library and see if you can spot all 45 works from the students of FINA 450 A + B. Closing reception is on March. 31 from 5-7pm. Check out the blog for more info.