Process: Next in Line

Today I finally began my tapestry. As it always is with beginning another tapestry, the first few inches into it I begin to question why it is that I choose to work with this time-consuming process. It’s as if I forget that it takes a long time. And a whole lot of patience.

I think I’ve managed to get past the fact that this will take a ridiculous amount of time (more than I seem to have), and am pleased with the little I’ve done so far. I’m working with single strands to get a greater degree of blending and colour variation, and am incorporating different types of yarns and threads for added texture.

This evening, I was working on stitching up my sample. I was playing with it, seeing if I liked it better concave or convex, and thinking of display ideas. My niece was there, and suddenly took the weaving and placed it on her head. It looked hilarious! My sister, niece and I all took turns trying it on. Perhaps this will become my next project in line. I love when one idea begets another.


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